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2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
Josie has read 0 books toward her goal of 30 books.




1st of December

I took part in the Mill Road Winter Fair.

I was part of the parade, which isn’t something I was going to do initially due to my issues with my shoulders.

However, it went perfectly fine. The ‘backpack’ I had to wear was reasonably light. The only issue I had with it was the fact that the ‘flags’ were going outwards so you couldn’t tell who you were going to hit with them. And that it was cold. Really cold.

Overall, I spent 4 hours there, both helping set up everyone before the parade began and actually participating in the parade itself. Therefore I will be claiming these 4 hours for action seeing as I was participating and being active.


Next year, over the course of it, I’m planning on reading as many books as I can for the charity Readathon and then donating the money I receive to the charity.

This will promote creativity in me as I’ll be delving into many different worlds that authors create and also promoting service as I’ll be doing this for a charity which will help link my creativity up into a ‘bigger picture’.

I’ve been checking out quite a few different charities in order to decide which one would link up best with what I want to do with this and it keeps coming back to Readathon. Many of the book related charities are ones that want/need you to donate books to them in order to help other countries or they would like volunteers to help read to others. As I’m aiming for creativity with this, I’ve decided that Readathon was the best – and it helps out a few different charities whilst also helping to promote literacy which is also very nice.

In order to help me keep track of how many books I read, I’d be using Goodreads’ 2013 reading challenge. It’s a really useful tool that I used this year to try and figure out how many books I can read in a year. At this point in time, 27.

Day 298: Willow

Could use this as part of the Knit-a-square charity with some editing of the pattern

Craftaceous Period


Today’s square: Willow
Size: 7 inch
Pattern By: Jan Eaton
Hook: H
Yarn: Mystery yarns teal and peach, RHSS Shocking Pink.
Pattern from:Ravelry

Notes: This is a nice little square but I had concentration issues with round 4. Nothing to do with the pattern, just reader error! I changed the corners in the last round to SC,CH2,SC but otherwise did it as written.

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